Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Power, corruption and influence win for International Felon, eMusic CEO Columbia Journo Prof Adam Klein; he screwed his daughter on child support.

Newbies start here and here and be sure to read the KingCast Open Letter to Columbia Provost Steele with eMusic CEO Adam Klein's South African rap sheet. I can't wait to actually head down there and roll video that will be a hoot, huh..... So my little Courthouse Birdy told me a Decision came down a couple weeks ago in this case. As you can see, Lee Levine Bowser (the lawyers for this sperm donor criminal maggot who never spent any time with his daughter) spent plenty of time lingering in my journals yet they lacked the cajones to actually do First Amendment battle with me face to face.

Anyway I can't get much out of my source this time because he knows they really don't want this Decision ever coming public. All I know is that the court ignored his history of lies and deceit in this case on his residency when he was initially served by the mother, and they actually reduced payments and put on some kind of GPA requirement for his daughter or else she looses all the money..... all of this is unverified right now because that's the way these dirtbags want it, and the Court is more than happy to oblige, no doubt maligning me all the way. So now the mother has been fucked all around: Her lawyer fucked her (literally while she was still a client) but that's not an ethical violation in Mass, go figure.... then the high-powered lawyers at Lee Levine tag teamed her and her daughter to finish this little chapter of smut.

Then there is a certain high-powered black journalist (A Medill Grad like Cousin Mike) who is racking up the big bucks while purporting to provide alternative and insightful news to the public... and he told me he didn't want to hear about any of this case. He can kiss my ass too. All of these people can malign me all they want but the shame, however is not mine. That much is verified and I'll set it out right here, just like that.

Friday, July 1, 2011

KingCast sees folks in Tel Aviv search for eMusic CEO and Columbia J-School prof. Adam Klein for what he is: "South Africa Crook!"

Mainstream press and certain high-powered minority Internet false prophets of journalism want me to quietly go away, and to quit talking about things like this. They can go to hell because I am not here to placate them just because they lack the intestinal fortitude and integrity to call a spade a spade. Happy Independence Day to All.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KingCast Google Searches of the Day: "Judge Spencer Kagan + Crook" and "eMusic Questionable."

You know it's jacked-up when folks are Googling a Judge's Name + "Crook." Well as noted in the Mortgage Movie journal entry from this morning, crooked judges are everywhere. That's why folks like Arrestajudgekit and KingCast rock on. Here is the linky (mit video!) that these folks in Somerville reviewed. I have removed their IP addy and company name to protect them from the wrath of Kagan experienced by Daralyn Khan in her child support case against sperm donor "daddy", eMusic and Columbia J-School employee and International Felon Adam Klein. Here is one of the links that some folks in NYC read, (mit video and criminal convictions, natch). See the jump page below for the searches and another summary video.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

KingCast sees folks Googling in, trying to ascertain about eMusic CEO and International Felon Adam Klein's child support.

Yessir, here's more:
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Now this IP addy is apparently a proxy as it maps out to Boston but whatever, folks are discovering the Truth about this guy and that's always a Good Thing for Justice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

KingCast and Boston Bob see Jeffrey Denner's office in hot water again.

It's pretty complicated and involves a postal inspector, a paralegal and some dangerous liasons, but suffice it to say there are again ethical questions about Jeffrey Denner's hired help. As Boston Bob I busted on Denner's office when they got judges to issue patently Unconstitutional rulings against Derrick Gillenwater (shut down all of his Free Speech rights) after they committed ineffective assistance of counsel in his case. And I have some very serious concerns in the matter of his office's representation of Daralyn Khan in her child support enforcement case against International Felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia J-School professor Adam Klein. Specifically it starts with one Linda Ouellette but is in no ways limited to her. More on this when I feel like it. Meanwhile in the short film above is the back story on Adam Klein, who has been little more than a sperm donor to his child as he lives it up at 15 Central Park West.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Middlesex Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Michael Dell'Isola and Quincy Developer William O'Connell in Big Trouble on cocaine charges.

6:30p update: Robert O'Connell Attempted Murder/Assault trial scheduled for 15 May 2007 courthouse steps video coming by 9p at the latest.

Note to the Herald: Quit removing my comments they are fully protected by the First Amendment, and what do you know about protecting yourself from Defamation anyway, not much. Time to break out the trusty Triumph (well, trusty since I replaced the damn crankshaft, LOL) and head on down to courthouse :)

Okay I was just getting ready to head down to the Courthouse to check up on the status of the Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano, Jennifer Bynarowicz Quincy Cocaine road rage shooting in which Fasano -- with a known domestic violence past -- was reported to have cocaine on his face. There was cocaine in the Bynarowicz Jeep and she copped to it as seen by the KingCast court file investigation.

"Who did you get the cocaine from?"

"You [won't] believe me," says O'Connell.

Interesting. You might want to check and see who carried the insurance on her Jeep, I dunno it might be relevant, it might not. Just sayin'.

But now we apparently have much more than that going on folks, as the Boston.com screen capture shows... William S. O’Connell, who is O'Connell's uncle or father and former State Senator, was popped for 19 golden grams and Stat Rape with a kitlin' 14-16 years of age..... Whoa. See folks have been telling me that years ago one of the elder O'Connells' friends turned up dead off a yacht during a little cocaine party and I have told these people that I will always report what is reasonably true. At this point I cannot -- nor can anyone -- actually substantiate the yacht party cocaine but I now feel comfortable enough to mention the rumour on my page.

Note that the Patriot Ledger's excellent coverage mentions the incident and the dismissed drunken operation charges as well as his son's second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Julie Hamilton, who knew Matthew through her boyfriend. Matthew O’Connell is being held at Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security facility for inmates deemed in need of psychiatric care.

Unlike Howie Carr I'm not stupid enough to get successfully sued for Defamation, hahahaa.... I'll update this journal entry soon but here are some vintage entries for your viewing mispleasure:

20 May 2010: Disorder in the Court 3 (featuring Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle).

22 April 2010: Disorder in the Court 2 (Dogged Determination mix)

22 December 2009: Snowy forecast for Boston (featuring Al Pacino, Boston City Hall's own John Forbes).

Related: Middlesex Sheriff arrested on cocaine charges.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Westlaw checking in on Jeffrey Denner and International felon, Columbia J-School Professor and eMusic CEO Adam Klein.

Fascinating. Here's your back story & video. These idiots can hate on me all they want to but I have not committed any sort of Defamation action so they can kiss my tuchis, yessir. Funny, I know the Lucier brothers and their family, who sold Banks Baldwin to Westlaw for megamillions. It's Jeffrey's fault I bought a BMW 2002tii, LOL. He and his brother had Inka and Fjord, two beautiful 2002s Back in The Day, sigh.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did eMusic CEO, Columbia J-School Prof and International felon Adam Klein dodge service on Child Support case?

As noted in the Passover Seder journal entry, Multimillionaire International felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor Daddy Adam Klein pulled a disappearing act, stop and read the legal pleading excerpts by Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner. More on this later today, I am still researching whether or not Judge Dilday erroneously allowed him to evade service back in 2004 when he clearly had a valid Massachusetts Driver's License. Not only that, he did not register as a New York voter until 30 June 2004, or two weeks after he was served by Ms. Khan, and he did not apply for a New York Driver's License until 24 April 2007, ahem. Why is the Court apparently protecting this moneyed and privileged fellow instead of making him accountable like the ordinary blokes who have to pay child support?

Anyway the entire point here is that it's not about the color of your skin or your religion, race or ancestry.... it is about the content of your character, as my namesake so aptly noted many years ago......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did International Felon, Columbia adjunct professor and eMusic CEO Adam Klein commit perjury to avoid paying child support?

I told you back on 4 Jan. 2011 that Judge Dilday refused to allow Daralyn Khan to get the RMV records on this felon that would have proved he was lawfully served in Massachuesetts. Well I have some of those records and plan on getting more. As a teaser I will now share the Massachusetts RMV records (with SSN/DL number redacted of course) that tend to show that Adam Klein held a Massachusetts Drivers' License in August, 2004. And this guy's conditions to avoid imprisonment were no further acts of deception, fraud, perjury, etc..... Why are the Massachusetts courts protecting this guy and putting the wood to the mother and daughter, it is simply foul. Is there a payout involved because that is the only way this shit makes any sense.

As to Ms. Klein and her daughter, who sit by waiting while Klein banks millions, give 'em hell ladies, bring out a Bobby Knight can of whup ass!
"Now I am not here to fuck around this week. You may be, but I am not.....This is absolute fucking bullshit....Now I mean you will not put me in this position again, or you will goddamn fucking pay for it like you can't fucking believe."

-Bobby Knight.