Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lawyers Gone Bad

Dear Attorney Slayton,

I truly appreciate your website and look forward to reading a copy of your book, "Lawyers Gone Bad."

I need to speak with you about a few cases but one particular case.

Jeffrey Denner is breaking this poor guy's balls something fierce.

Read the facts in this entry below, and I have more. Much more.

Please write me so we can help Derrick Gillenwater. Denner is a Big Deal in Boston so he can get all kinds of favors including an unlawful gag order.

I have all of the law on this I can send you. I've been following his blog but then the court made him shut it down so he can't even post the damn court record about what happened to him and now the kid's feeling suicidal. 5 Months in jail this guy did for no other reason than outright incompetent representation. The cops planted evidence and the whole nine yards.

Keep in mind I had nothing against Denner until this. I've watched him for years. This is not a personal vendetta or anything; I'm just amazed at this situation.


Boston Bob.

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