Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did International Felon, Columbia adjunct professor and eMusic CEO Adam Klein commit perjury to avoid paying child support?

I told you back on 4 Jan. 2011 that Judge Dilday refused to allow Daralyn Khan to get the RMV records on this felon that would have proved he was lawfully served in Massachuesetts. Well I have some of those records and plan on getting more. As a teaser I will now share the Massachusetts RMV records (with SSN/DL number redacted of course) that tend to show that Adam Klein held a Massachusetts Drivers' License in August, 2004. And this guy's conditions to avoid imprisonment were no further acts of deception, fraud, perjury, etc..... Why are the Massachusetts courts protecting this guy and putting the wood to the mother and daughter, it is simply foul. Is there a payout involved because that is the only way this shit makes any sense.

As to Ms. Klein and her daughter, who sit by waiting while Klein banks millions, give 'em hell ladies, bring out a Bobby Knight can of whup ass!
"Now I am not here to fuck around this week. You may be, but I am not.....This is absolute fucking bullshit....Now I mean you will not put me in this position again, or you will goddamn fucking pay for it like you can't fucking believe."

-Bobby Knight.

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