Monday, January 5, 2009

Derrick Gillenwater is entitled to know if Oscar Atehortua sued Jeffrey Denner relative to In re Abbott, BD 2001-045.

In re Abbott, BD 2001-045.

That's the case in which Jeffrey Denner was supervising attorney to Richard D. Abbott, a lawyer with a history of neglect of clients. While Denner eventually removed himself from the case, it was not until well into the case and well after he and Abbott had received at least $9,000.00 from Atehortua, who was rotting in jail on a drug rap even as there were identity problems in the arrest, including the fact that there was another Oscar Atehortua living in the SAME BUILDING.

Anyway, the simple fact is that neither Jeffrey Denner or Richard Abbott ever filed in Appellate Brief within the timeframe allotted by Rule. So as I've stated, I don't know if Oscar Atehortua rotted away in prison or what happened to him, but I can definitively state that he had a damn good lawsuit against Richard Abbott, and by natural extension, Jeffrey Denner.

Obviously Derrick Gillenwater is entitled to this information as to whether a lawsuit was filed and whether a settlement was reached and the amount of the settlement, both as a litigant and as a paying (+$50K) client of Jeffrey Denner.

The amount of the Settlement, if any, may of course be subject to Protective Order.