Monday, January 19, 2009

How well will Jeffrey Denner represent Calgary Serb philanthropist Nicholas Djokich, accused of murder conspiracy?

Here's this week's story about Nicholas Djokich, the man who is widely known as a philanthropist, who attempted to construct this beautiful Serbian Church in Calgary.

In October, Mr. Djokich was charged with conspiracy to kidnap for the purpose of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder for hire. He faces a potential sentence of life in prison.

He is accused of hiring a hit man to snatch Richard DeVries, a Calgary lawyer now living in the Bahamas, from his island estate and then force him to turn over millions in lost money before killing him. Mr. Djokich said he lost $175-million in an investment. Jeffrey Denner was quoted as saying
"This is a very sad case. This is a very good man accused of doing a very bad thing and normally you don't have that level of disconnect," said Jeffrey Denner, his Boston lawyer.

"Certainly there is a mental health element to this case. Everything that he held dear was being taken from him and his life was being ruined. This is a man who has lived a very decent life in terms of raising a family, in terms of his livelihood, in terms of the contributions he has made to his community."

We'll see how it pans out. Attorney Denner has done very well most of the time, but sometimes you have an anamoly, as he noted about his new client. And as I noted in this post about Jeffrey Denner, Kevin Barron, Oscar Atehortua, Clark Rockefeller/Karl Gerhartsreiter and Derrick Gillenwater.

When these anomolies pop up, you need to give them your full attention and be fair about their resolution.

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