Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boycott Kevin L. Barron, but at least partial settlement may loom large in Gillenwater v. Denner, 05-5469.

Kevin Barron is a rapacious shark who will take a bite out of the ass of the client who already fed him before falling victim to his ineffective assistance of counsel, as held by Judge Diane Moriarty. It's a Good Thing that the law students tell me that Derrick Gillenwater may in fact be close to settlement in his legal malpractice case with Attorney Barron's co-Defendant, prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner. If so, I applaud that development and wonder what Kevin Barron's excuse is -- because he's really much more culpable in all of this than Denner. Barron was the lead attorney-in-fact, not Denner. In my opinion, it is his fault that Derrick Gillenwater went to prison without Just Cause.

In fact, Denner was only liable by dint of vicarious liability; I'm not certain that he ever filed anything. It is my further understanding -- and this would be triple quadruple super-secret swear on your grandmother's grave hearsay -- that Denner had a bunch of red tape to get through in order to resolve this case, and that careful reflection on the ultimate denial of Plaintiff Gillenwater's Civil Rights led him to whatever agreement he has reached, or may be reaching, with his former client.

As to Attorney Barron, I hope Mr. Gillenwater takes him to trial and gives him the most embarrassing moment of his adult and professional life. Boycott Kevin L. Barron.

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opencourts said...

And many thanks to Plaintiff Gillenwater's second counsel; while I do not know any propsed settlement amount your lien is a matter of public record and I have been made aware of that amount, $11,000. I think the $7,000 (1/2 now and 1/2 when he finishes pounding Attorney Barron's defense team) that Mr. Gillenwater has offered you is fair for what you did.

Getting his case reopened after his father died and he moved and lost track of things for a while is a huge thing and I know Mr. Gillenwater is and will be forever thankful for your presence.

But don't make me do or say anything more about you, who you are and what you did or did not do, including but not limited to failing to defend Mr. Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights in this public slave whipping he took while initially under your advisory ambit.

-Boston Bob