Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enough already. It's time Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron had better start saying their prayers, and stop acting like bad white people.

I'm going to say this one last time fellas: Quit fucking around with Derrick Gillenwater. The shit you got away with on this kid thus far is absolutely insane and you fucking know it. You could have had this off of your plates a long time ago but you stalled because you thought you could get over on that little nigger boy.

You can't whip him like that, and now there are reinforcements coming that you don't own. Further, if you are now moving away from any of the settlement terms that Mr. Gillenwater worked with Defendant Denner (I have a copy of his stipulations) both of you will face the darkest days of your legal careers when I finish with you. And it's all going to be done with public information and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about it. As a white person, I can safely say you are giving the rest of us a bad name. Shit, Barron will be lucky to walk away from his April 2, 2009 hearing and case for heroin possession and distribution without an ankle bracelet or worse, not to mention his law license.

You guys have been warned.

-Boston Bob.


opencourts said...

You see, what happened here is these lawyers thought that they owned the World, and that they could indefinitely give Mr. Gillenwater the runaround, now they want him silenced even though the first agreement that Mr. Gillenwater reached with Attorney Denner did not involve silence, not at the price that had been negotiated.

At one point I even intimated that I would be willing to power down this blog if the Defendants (much less the Court) would treat Mr. Gillenwater with a modicum of respect. This has not happened to date.

At any rate, the plot has thickened because there are other players involved now on Mr. Gillenwater's behalf, and these other players..... really don't give a damn about silence. When they move it's going to be a shot hear around the World.

That's what you get for being such an ass sometimes it WILL come back to bite you in yours.

-Boston Bob

Anonymous said...

Boston Bob aka Christopher King aka Christophe King aka Christophe R. King aka Kingcast you were suspended from the practice of law by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Indicted for Felony Extortion by the State of NH - noll prossed

Found guilty of practicing law without a license by the State of NH

Anonymous said...

Boston Bob was indicted for Felony Extortion by the State of NH - noll prossed. Figures!! No wonder he is so fond of the ACLU. Talk about extortionists. Perhaps he should work them. Clearly he will never practice law again....because he ABUSED that right What a scumbag. And here I thought this guy was doing a public service by exposing rogue lawyers. Turns out he is nothing but a big loser. Apparently his only career aspiration is to stalk two lawyers one of which, JD, who seems to have a pretty solid and distinguished career.

opencourts said...

Nol prossed AFTER I sat through voir dire and ready for trial I might add.

Also not found guilty of practicing law without a license, that was a preliminary finding BEFORE Judge Groff denied Summary Judgement and Kelly Ayotte dismissed that case you lying pig.

Ayotte violated the rules of Civil Procedure with your tax dollars, to boot.

-The KingCaster, Boston Bob, etc. etc. whatever you don't want me to be, I'll be it, Bill.


PS: Proskauer Rose agreed with me so who gives a damn what you say?



Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting battle going on in this blog. Lot's of ego's.

Christopher King said...

A lot of injustice, too.