Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is this the first time that Jeffrey Denner screwed Derrick Gillenwater?

I am learning more from the law students, but it appears that Mr. Gillenwater was forced to report to a PO for an ancient case, under a Federal order --- when the law said he did not have to do so. Apparently his lawyer Jeffrey Denner let it all happen, and Mr. Gillenwater had to go to the law library himself to prove to the Judge that he was right, then they let him go. After he served time and had his Civil Rights violated, of course.

Jeffrey Denner, hard at work.


opencourts said...

See it gets really deep from what I hear. Feds planting GPS units on his cars without Probable Cause, all of that. Makes me wonder what sort of odd bedfellows Attorney Denner may have been with the Boston PD.

-Boston Bob

opencourts said...

And there was all kinds of talk about how Derrick "got over" on the system, when in point of fact he was just following THE LAW.

Unlike anyone else in the case at bar.

-Boston Bob.