Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Boston lawyer Kevin L. Barron do time for smuggling heroin like this idiot boy in Syracuse, NY?

We all know about Kevin Barron's problems of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel as ORDERED (and not appealed) from Judge Diane Moriarty. And thanks to me, we all know about his upcoming hearing on April 2, 2009 on his heroin possession and trafficking/distribution charges, Norfolk 2008-350. But what will happen? Well it's anybody's guess, really.

Here is what happened in Syracuse NY on a similar case last week.

Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse man who smuggled drugs into jail, resulting in his brother's nearly fatal overdose, was sentenced today to serve two to four years in state prison.

County Judge Anthony Aloi said Marc Chetney, 32, of Bellevue Avenue, was lucky he wasn't facing a homicide charge. The judge also said Chetney had not learned anything from a prior prison sentence on a drug charge and was likely to be right back in trouble in the future.

Chetney pleaded guilty last month to first-degree promoting prison contraband, admitting he smuggled heroin to his 30-year old brother, Sean, in the Justice Center jail during a visit Nov. 24. The younger Chetney ended up hospitalized in critical condition after being found unconscious in his cell the following morning.

"You and he are probably equally stupid," Aloi said.
I say Kevin Barron is also pretty stupid for letting Derrick Gillenwater's case get so out of hand, but then again maybe he just overlooked it, seeing as he's got other issues on his plate, like whether the Court will give him designer leg chains to match his suit when he defends this legal malpractice case at trial.


opencourts said...

Barron's picture is fantastic because it looks like a mug shot already. Perhaps that could save the taxpayers some coin.

Boston Bob

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