Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missing in Action, and presumed dead..... or prejudiced: Judge Linda Giles in Derrick Gillenwater v. Jeffrey Denner, 05-5469.

There's Plaintiff Gillenwater at sidebar facing Judge Giles and opposing counsel. Not a pretty sight, is it?

Okay, so first she acknowledges that Plaintiff Gillenwater, a black man without much money (having wasted all of it on Jeffrey Denner) is not allowed to file any memoranda whatsoever in his valid legal malpractice action against wealthy and very white high-powered Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner.

She then for some reason wants to know why Plaintiff Gillenwater might actually want a copy of the transcript from her court acknowledging this patent First Amendment and Fundamental Civil Rights violation. "Why do you need that," she asks. Twice, as if she needed to make herself look even more stupid, hateful and bigoted. To file a Motion for you to recuse your crooked, bigoted self, my dear.

But not to rest on her bigoted laurels, she then continues to ignore -- for an entire month now -- this Order from the Single Justice that there was to be further action on Plaintiff's Emergency and other Motions to restore his right to file a Motion for Summary Judgement and Motion to Compel regarding the Jeffrey Denner/Richard D. Abbott Oscar Atehortua (and presumably other) fiascos. See BD 2001-045.

Read all of the relevant transcript pages from bigoted Judge Linda Giles' courtroom right here with James S. Dilday, and listen to Derrick Gillenwater's music and watch his activist video about all of this right here.

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