Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can Derrick Gillenwater's daughter go through the same Federal Courthouse doors as Jeffrey Denner to get a public service award & Rights for Derrick?

Well, I have it on Good Faith through the Gillenwater Grapevine that on Tuesday, March 3 2009 Derrick Gillenwater's daughter will walk through the doors of the Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse and receive an award for her years of public service. It is the annual meeting for The Medical Foundation, with an awards ceremony to exactly two young women and a keynote speech to be delivered by Dr. David L. Katz (Yale School of Public Health) who will discuss prevention -- putting health back into health care reform. Perhaps while Ms. Gillenwater is there she can inquire if her father will ever receive any respect from any courthouse. We know he won't get any from that proud peacock Jeffrey Denner, seen strutting through the foyer a few years ago before he got each and every First Amendment and Fundamental Right taken away from her father in his valid legal malpractice claim against Denner and Kevin Barron. Read the Decisions that Harvard Law School and I contend are Unconstitutional right here.

Of course, as noted in the last post about the Touch FM 106.1 3,100 mile Walk for Power, Derrick Gillenwater is hardly the first intelligent black man in Boston to get his First Amendment or related liberties stripped away. Ask Councilman Chuck Turner and Lovell Dyett for starters. Could be time for some more fliers.


opencourts said...

Speaking of health care, Boston does indeed have a sickness and its name is racism. The sooner the powers that be admit it, the sooner the town can begin to heal.

Of course all of the attorneys at Denner-Pellegrino are behind this, and they willingly and knowingly support keeping Boston's black folks beat down.

Shame on them.

-Boston Bob.

opencourts said...

Seriously, take a look at all of the white faces at While I've previously held a lot of respect for Jeffrey Denner I see more clearly with every passing day that he really is a racist opportunist.

I'll bet there never has been a black lawyer at Denner's firms and there probably never will be and it's not because none have applied or none are qualified.

The dummies who applied probably had their apps sent directly to the circular file, and the smart ones knew not to work with them in the first place.

-Boston Bob

Anonymous said...


he got a black boy whoring for the man

opencourts said...

Dear 2:08


-Boston Bob

Anonymous said...

Boston Bob you are the biggest racist of all and you will be outed so everyone can see what and who you really are.