Friday, March 13, 2009

If he's convicted for heroin trafficking, will the Court give Kevin Barron designer leg irons to defend Derrick Gillenwater's legal malpractice case?

That's an interesting question because these plain-Jane models and dungarees ain't gonna' make it. The Jury will most assuredly not be impressed with that shit. Maybe he could commission Fendi to make him a matching ensemble or something.

Hell, actually one would think that Attorney Barron would want this case off of his plate now because if he gambles and looses in his April 2, 2009 hearing for heroin possession and distribution, Derrick Gillenwater will really have his way with him. How funny (funny ironic not funny ha-ha) that heroin distribution is the bogus charge slapped on Mr. Gillenwater when the cops planted the evidence in the police station baggies. But Barron failed to effectively argue that case so Mr. Gillenwater did hard time until he hired competent counsel and got a new trial, at which point the state whimpered away.