Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boston Bob joins Coalition of Crime Bloggers.

That's Judge Peter Lauriat. Even though he wrote a book about Massachusetts' Right To Know laws, he and Judge Charles Spurlock are busy violating the United States Constitution against Derrick Gillenwater, vitiating his First Amendment Rights to speak and to file reasonable Motions before the Court. I have noticed that some members of the Coalition of Crime Bloggers have been hosting my comments about this heinous injustice. So as most of the Boston press lacks the chutzpah to run this story I will make sure to it that the members in cyberspace know exactly what's going on with Jeffrey Denner, Derrick Gillenwater, and Judges Peter Lauriat and Charles Spurlock.

Looks like these fellas just changed the color of the robes.


opencourts said...


Who ever heard of a judge telling a litigant -- absent a finding of frivolous pleadings --

"You cannot file anything without my permission!!!"

.....Then denying permission without providing any rationale. It's the Good ol' Boy network run amok.

Anonymous said...

Your last few posts may be perceived as being a bit over the top. I agree with you but you still run the risk of alienating some people.

You are dealing with some very powerful people, as I'm certain you are aware.

I can't say that I blame you one bit, but be careful. You've made your point.

opencourts said...

Dear 5:26

Point taken. Some people will find anything they can to take down the messenger instead of addressing the problem itself.

But we must keep up the review and focus on this case, even as well-respected Manhattan Attorney Andrew Lavoot Bluestone reviews the matter.

Thank you for your observation.