Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maybe Attorney Jeffrey Denner was waiting on another Big Dig settlement (this time $16M) before he pays nigger Derrick Gillenwater for malpractice.

Well here you go, another $16M for Jeffrey Denner and his clients, this from Powers Fasteners for the lame epoxy used. Add that to the previous $28M from Bechtel.

Don't get me wrong: I'm happy for Attorney Denner and glad that the Del Valle family has funds to secure good futures for its younger generations and to take care of its elders in the absence of Milena Del Valle. Those Defendants needed to face the music. But when it comes to Justice for Denner's former client Derrick Gillenwater, instead of facing the music Denner got some judges to silence that "nigger" (see this post for the explanation of why I used that ugly word) and then tried to silence this white man by shutting down this blog, which Blogger correctly restored.

The Citizen Media Project over at Harvard's Berkman Law Cener are following this situation closely.

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Anonymous said...

Sleazy malpracticing Mt. Diablo Hospital performed a colonoscopy/endoscopy yet misreported results on an obvious GI bleed. Now the bleed will be diagnosed, but since I lost MediCal it won't be covered.
The intent is to create an obligation with a white knight who will be used to control this Situation.