Friday, December 19, 2008

Derrick Gillenwater's unheard pleas for Justice against high-powered lawyer Jeffrey Denner; a dog chasing its tail.

I am a dog lover. And Derrick Gillenwater is going after Jeffrey Denner's proved ineffective assistance of counsel and "alleged" legal malpractice case with dogged determination, and I'll be doggone if he's not getting the royal runaround.

From what I hear through people that we both know, Mr. Gillenwater can't seem to get his Deposition transcript or the transcript from a public hearing where he filed an emergency motion to get his First Amendment Rights back and to file his Motion to Compel and his Motion for Summary Judgment. Naturally there has been no Court movement on it that as far as I can tell by checking the docket, yet the minute Defendant Jeffrey Denner and Defendant Kevin Barron filed a request for an emergency order the Court granted it and stipped that nigger of his Fundamental Rights.

Yes. I said it. The Boston/Massachusetts Court system stripped that nigger of his Fundamental Rights, just as the massuh' did to Kunta Kinte, and just as Charles Stuart and the Boston Police did to countless other niggers when a Good White Man accused some nigger with a raspy voice of killing his wife, Attorney Carol Stuart.

Funny thing: Sometimes the dog will catch his tail. For Mr. Gillenwater's sake, let's hope it happens this time.

PS: Oh, you can't call Derrick Gillenwater a nigger!! As a white man I would agree that I should not say that. No he is not a nigger. He is a strong black man. But yes I can accurately call him a nigger, as long as the Court system, through Judges Peter Lauriat and Charles Spurlock continue to treat him as one.

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opencourts said...

Spurlock is one evil-sounding name.

Downright scary.