Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Derrick Gillenwater is another example of how racist (and classist) Boston really is, just like the Charles/Carol Stuart murder.

We've all heard the statistics about how one quarter or more of black men between the ages of 18-25 have been touched by the criminal justice system and all of that. But what portion of these men have actually committed no crime, been set up by the police, received ineffective assistance of counsel from Attorneys like Jeffrey Denner or Kevin Barron (per Judge Diane Moriarty) or received unfair treatment at the hands of the U.S. Judicial system?

Derrick Gillenwater was innocent, no question of that. It was physically impossible for the purported evidence to be at the police station at the hands of the particular lying officer when he said it was. How do we know that? We know that because the other lying officers -- they lied about whether they kicked in the door as they were basically terrorizing Mr. Gillenwater's father -- were still at the house conducting a "search" as the other officer "checked in the evidence." In any event their actions also ran afoul of departmental policies, yet I'm not aware of these officers facing any repercussion.

Similarly, I'm not aware of any repercussions that will befall the Court for stripping Derrick Gillenwater of his Fundamental Rights to file papers in his case, as discussed in the last post. There's been no finding of frivilous pleadings. He has stopped blogging and thereby surrendered his First Amendment Rights.

In sum, it's easy to give black people holy hell in Boston and to accuse them of heinous crimes that they did not commit, and to suspend their basic rights and liberties when the reputation of Good White Folk is at risk.

Just ask Charles Stuart (dead by suicide, the coward), who accused an anonymous black man -- with a raspy voice no less -- of carjacking him and his cute wife and murdering her. The Boston Police proceeded to violate more Civil Rights in the ensuing manhunt than you could shake a Maglite at. At least the Truth came to light in that case, as it should in this one. If only the Judges would stop fighting it. Regarding Stuart's murder of his wife, Carol (ironically, an Attorney)
While investigators continued to seek a full explanation for the murder and hoax that unfairly cast suspicion on a black man, more than 1,000 people converged on Boston City Hall today for a rally intended to begin a process of racial healing.

The rally, which came one day after Mayor Raymond Flynn called for "honest reflection" on the grisly murder of Carol Stuart and its aftermath, attracted blacks and whites, city residents and suburbanites.

"Bigotry, discrimination, alienation have no place in America," said City Councilor Bruce Bolling. "This city will heal because it must heal."

PS: I believe one of the Stuarts involved in the coverup was a Revere Firefighter. Revere has been known for its public service scandals, including the non-punishment of a bunch of police who were out drinking at a schoolhouse at 1:00 in the morning when one of their brethren may have been murdered. White folks with money or badges of authority in Boston can get away with basically anything.

Here's Joe Dwinell's Boston Herald blog post on it. I just wrote him about this case.