Sunday, December 21, 2008

New York Attorney Malpractice Blog and others take a look at Derrick Gillenwater v. Jeffrey Denner legal malpractice case.

You can't keep hiding a case like this:

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Attorney Bluestone might find it interesting that the Court is not allowing Derrick Gillenwater to file a Motion to Compel regarding the inactions of Attorney Denner and a supervised attorney Richard D. Abbott, in Oscar Atehortua's trafficking case. Abbott was suspended on this his second time of neglect toward a client, and Denner is charged with the duty of knowing about the first time as Abbott rented space from Denner. In Re Abbott. Between the two of them they failed to file an appeal for a guy who sat and rotted away in jail even though there were two different men with his name at his apartment. Time expired, and who knows what happened to Mr. Atehortua, perhaps he died in jail.

Read what I wrote to Attorney Bluestone in the comments section of this post.

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opencourts said...

The worst part of this is that the Judges are not allowing Mr. Gillenwater to file any motions with the Court. He can't file a Motion to Compel. He can't file a Motion for Summary Judgment. He can't file a dispute against the lien placed by the lawyers that he fired.


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