Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey Denner: Quit trying to find my passwords and hack into my email.

I see I cannot send emails now because someone is no doubt trying to hack in. I get a message noting "suspicious activity on my account," which is no doubt a hacker. Believe me, even if you get in, there's nothing there that will tell you who I am. I'm much smarter than that.

But even if you do "catch me" I don't really care because there's not a damn thing they can do about it to stop me. This is about the First Amendment, and I'm the sharpest shooter in town; I'll blow your head clean off with it. I'll probably stop once I have reason to believe that Derrick Gillenwater's issues have been fairly addressed by the Court and Defendants Denner and Barron, though.

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opencourts said...

But I can hear it now:

If you stop posting everyone still knows about what happened.....

Answer: That's too bad. They could have paid Derrick Gillenwater a LONG time ago. He filed his case in 2005, they got stubborn and now they pay the price for being unreprentantly arrogant, egotistical and self-aggrandizing lawyer/defendants.