Monday, December 29, 2008 blog proves Boston Bob is right about Copyright and prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner.

This story is in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It goes with the Copyright post from last week.


"The King family could try to unplug Stormfront by filing an Internet domain name complaint or a lawsuit, lawyers said. But they said it would not be an easy case.

“As vile, reprehensible, ignorant and horrible as that Web site is, one could argue that it’s political comment,” said Pete Wellborn, an Atlanta lawyer who specializes in Internet law and has taught at Georgia Tech. Still, Wellborn said the Kings could succeed, especially if Stormfront is making any money off King’s name. [Note: This blog in no way seeks money off of Attorney Denner's name, as previously noted. See also the new profile comment.]

Another Atlanta Internet attorney, Doug Isenberg, said a domain name complaint is easier to pursue than a lawsuit but that the King family would have to prove a “bad faith” attempt to confuse the public. Bad faith claims often involve appropriation of a corporation’s name for a Web site that sells a competing product.

“Obviously, Stormfront and the King Center are not competitors,” Isenberg said.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this blog and Jeffrey Denner are not competitors either, so he has no real case against Boston Bob. Time to pay Derrick Gillenwater and watch Boston Bob quit posting. In fact, if I receive an email from Derrick Gillenwater asking me to take this blog down because of any settlement proceedings I will strike the whole blog because all that matters is Justice for Mr. Gillenwater, and some respect from Attorney Denner.

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opencourts said...

Dear Mr. Myers,

My girlfriend and I love your show. We heard you and Jeffrey Denner the other day.

Please review this situation. I think you can agree it's well out of control. Even the Citizen Medial Law Project people (based out of Harvard Law) agree that the Court Order prohibiting Mr. Gillenwater from blogging or speaking about his malpractice case against Denner is Unconstitutional.....


-Boston Bob