Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jeffrey Denner victim Derrick Gillenwater to rally up with Touch FM 106.1 in their Walk for Power demonstration Monday, March 2, 2009.

Note: Postponed due to snow storm. In two short days, folks will be passing hundreds of fliers at the Touch FM 106.1 Walk for Power rally.
The Walk for Power, led by Charles Clemons, is meant to make plain black media owners’ plight and the African American community’s need to control and manage vehicles of information and education....

The station is already starting to track his autobiographic song "Da Mack is what they call me," ( about power, corruption and lies and how prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron got Mr. Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights to blog about his legal malpractice case against them taken away. He went to jail for no good reason, ordered Judge Diane Moriarty. Then they also got some morally vacant judges to strip away his rights to even file legal pleadings in the case. It sounds outlandish but it's true.

Defendant Jeffrey Denner, a white "Civil Rights" lawyer who has made tons of money from black folks and other minorities over the years, is the benefactor of these classist and racist court rulings that are all held on this blog.

Denner also claimed to have knowledge of Diane Wilkerson's pending investigation before it went public, and he used it against Mr. Gillenwater to threaten him. Jeffrey Denner also got this blog taken down until I forced the issue and Blogger restored it. The folks at Harvard Law School's "Citizen Media Project" have this to say (click on last link).

For background read this post about the first Unconstitutional Order, and this post about the gag orders on Gillenwater and Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner -- after the government made his case a public issue IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Boston is a racist town. Remember how the authorities treated allblackmen in the Carol Stuart murder "investigation?"

PS: No disrespect to local radio legend Lovell Dyett, but it just occurred to me as kind of an afterthought that his situation is directly related. Another black man of above-average intelligence, trying to assert himself in a manner that may challenge Boston's largely white power structure is effectively silenced after he and a younger white co-worker were temporarily released and called back. On return to work, his white counterpart was called back in a nice cherry time slot but he got the proverbial graveyard shift and at -- get this -- one sixth the airtime. Read the February 10 Boston Globe story and the February 26 Boston Banner story (sorry, that story I cannot find online. I used the February 5 story instead).


opencourts said...

More about this incredible endeavor, a cross-country walk to bring attention to restrictive FCC licensing policies the disproportionately affect minority communities:

Hi TOUCH Family & Friends,

Beginning in March 2, 2009 and for 6 months after that, TOUCH 106.1 FM Station Owner and General Manager Charles Clemons will be Walking 4 Power across the United States to draw attention to the unfairness of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) when it comes to independent, community-owned and operated radio stations in this country. All TOUCH radio personalities, volunteers and interns are requested to push this effort and get the Word Out about this historic walk!

Presently, 1.8% of radio stations in America are owned by African Americans, a paltry figure given our longstanding and significant involvement in U.S. communications and entertainment industries. The majority of those that are black-owned are low wattage affairs with limited broadcast hours. Boston’s African American community is keenly aware of this having strained for years to listen to WILD, an AM station that broadcasts from sun up to sundown and now TOUCH 106.1 FM whose popular 24-hr programming, hailed “the fabric of the black community”, has been limited by federal rules to a miniscule 3.5 mile radius. These restrictions place black media at a huge disadvantage when it comes to attracting advertisers to reach the 21 millions of African American consumers that power 2 billions of dollars per day which equals close to a 1 trillion of dollars per year of U.S. sales in good economic times and bad.

The Walk for Power, led by Charles Clemons, is meant to make plain black media owners’ plight and the African American community’s need to control and manage vehicles of information and education that powerfully influence its members. The walk raises questions of the rights of American communities to have access and sufficient resources to develop their own media for their citizens that complements, fills in the gaps, and in some cases counters the impersonal, market driven forces of mainstream media.

As he walks across the country, Charles will join with other independent media owners, producers, and supporters to educate the general public and mainstream media about the need for alternative, community-oriented radio stations and to demand that the government create and enforce a level playing field so that all American communities may be empowered by the media.

The Walk for Power is about raising the level of community awareness, community voice, community business, and community empowerment, one step at a time. It begins with being the change, you want to see and that’s why station owner Charles Clemons is taking this historic step for his community!

Contribute your support, share your thoughts, and stay in TOUCH by emailing Charles at:

The mission of TOUCH 106.1 FM is to:
 Raise the level of consciousness in our community
 Stop the violence and start peace
 Reunite the black family

opencourts said...

I've been wanting to mention the Lovell Dyett situation for some time but this blog is pretty much focused on Mr. Gillenwater's case against Jeffrey Denner and related matters.

Now Lovell Dyett is a related matter, another bright black man silenced in Boston. I guess you could consider me one of those white, do-goodnik happy flower children of the early '70s shooting his mouth off about the black community's problems.

But this is not about the black community's problems. This is about the largely white community giving the black community problems.

And derivatively the entire community at large -- suffers.

-Boston Bob

-Boston Bob