Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A most ridiculous, evasive and old boy network protectionist Order from the single Appeals Justice for Judge Linda Giles in Gillenwater v. Denner.

In yesterday's Spotlight Post about Suffolk Superior Judge Linda Giles we discussed the explicit requests of Plaintiff Gillenwater to, inter alia, have his First Amendment and basic Human and Civil Rights restored. But then the Court of Appeals impliedly denied that basic right without even mentioning it, and to add insult to injury, without ruling in Mr. Gillenwater's favor, impliedly directed Judge Giles to revisit the issue of whether Mr. Gillenwater can file basic pleadings, i.e. a Motion to Compel and a Motion for Summary Judgment. Keep in mind that the Defendants have been granted an extension to file their Motion for Summary Judgment, by Judge Giles, of course.

And guess what else? Plaintiff Gillenwater to my knowledge is STILL having a hard time getting a copy of that Court hearing in which Judge Linda Giles showed her outright bias and prejudice against his case, and even incorrectly told him that he had to ask permission of another judge to obtain a copy of the transcript from her own courtroom.

This is going straight to the U.S. Justice Department, and I hope Mr. Gillenwater approaches the full Appellate Bench with this nonsense: Look at the specific requested relief from this post, then look at that mealy-mouthed Order in comparison. God Damn this entire Court system and God Damn Jeffrey Denner -- a so-called Civil Rights lawyer -- for benefitting from this outright criminality.


1. May the Court please return my First Amendment Rights to blog about this case, and to talk about this case subject to the rules of Defamation regarding public figures.

2. May the Court please return my Fundamental Rights to file a Motion for Summary Judgment and a Motion to Compel relevant discovery about the Oscar Atehortua case.

3. May the Court appoint a visiting judge from another Federal Jurisdiction to monitor this case.

4. May the Court order an inquiry with the U.S. Justice Department regarding the Fundamental Civil Rights, Procedural and Substantive Due Process Rights that I have been denied in this case.


I have had my First Amendment Rights to free speech subject to Defamation taken away in an Unconstitutional Court Order. I have had my First Amendment and Substantive and Procedural Due Process Rights to file basic Motions taken away in an Unconstitutional Court Order.

We live in the United States of America, and I pray and hope to God that this Honorable Court will actually care enough about the preservation of these Rights to step forward and correct the wrongs that have been set against me.

Respectfully submitted,

Derrick Gillenwater


opencourts said...

This case is pure insanity and those involved will all have to meet their maker in the Afterlife and deal with this.

-Boston Bob

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with your situation. I too have suffered the reality of the gob network. I witnessed enough to realize hiring an attorney to protect my fundamental right to the court was useless and therefore I did not bother.
I will speak up and out someday. I have to in order to live with myself knowing the deceit ... in the meantime I have to first find my voice again.
Good luck.
(p.s. the picture is bad okay? really. )

opencourts said...

Dear 7:42

It's not even my situation but it is now that I've stumbled into it. I met Mr. Gillenwater at a random encounter several months ago and figured this case would have settled by now. Instead the law students I know who are helping Mr. Gillenwater keep telling me horror stories about his situation, what his lawyers and the courts are doing to him.

Anyway, when you are ready to speak feel free to contact me at:

Best regards,

-Boston Bob