Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gillenwater v. Denner, 05-5469 with Judge Linda Giles: They apparently have transcripts in Hell. Here's the proof.

Dear Jeffrey Denner:
When your buddy James S. Dilday gave Derrick Gillenwater the legal opinion authored by Judge Diane Moriarty (the court kept telling Mr. Gillenwater they couldn't find it) he said "handle your business."

Well he certainly is. So you just keep on handling yours (which apparently includes oversight of people like Diane Wilkerson as noted yesterday) and Mr. Gillenwater, the law students and I will continue to handle ours.

Oh, wait, I know. You're not a racist. Some of your best friends are black. Some of them are even tenured professors in criminal justice. Be that as it may, Harvard Law School's Citizen Media Law Project called this situation "Likely Unconstitutional." (It should be the last link on the page but it's not working now for some reason. Denner is a Harvard Graduate, coincidentally I'm certain it's just a technical glitch at the moment).

Now then, Judge Giles should recuse herself for her ignorant and biased comments seen at page 8, given the law on legal malpractice in this milieu:

Labovitz v. Feinberg 47 Mass.App.Ct. 306, 713 N.E.2d 379 Mass.App.Ct.,1999 July 16, 1999 (Approx. 9 pages). That court cites Belford v. McHale Cook & Welch, 648 N.E..2d 1241, 1246 (Ind.Ct.App.1995) ("The burdens on postconviction relief petition and a legal malpractice claim are the same.")
Suggested reading: John M. Peckham v. Boston Herald, 48 Mass. App. Ct. 282 (1999) applied to Gillenwater v. Denner, Suffolk 2005-5469. Read also the Unconstitutional Order holding "The purpose was to prevent Gillenwater from using any references to the Defendant Jeffrey Denner."

What? Huh? Why? The Court can't do things like that in America, and for Jeffrey Denner to accept it and to be a benefactor of this sort of clearly unlawful activity that deprives a man of basic First Amendment and other Fundamental Rights makes him a total bigot in this instance, my previous respect for him dying by the minute.

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opencourts said...

Nobody wants to "cross that line" anymore. They got paid, they get comfortable and they start protecting what they have, lest they find themselves "on the wrong side of the tracks" like Mr. Gillenwater:

As a role model, he cleaned his life up, has been clean for years on end, is trying to avail himself of the legal machinery purportedly at his disposal and is still being screwed by the courts and his wealthy negligent (IMO) counsel.

Well I don't care about any of that. Thankfully there are some dedicated folks in the community coming around to agree with Mr. Gillenwater's cause for Justice. Those who have not come forward yet, feel free to hop in at any point in time, Mr. Gillenwater will no doubt forgive your pause.

I'm Boston Bob, and I approve this message. It won't end until Mr. Gillenwater gets his pound of flesh, one way or another.

And unlike his Unconstitutional Order with Mr. Gillenwater, Attorney Denner can't do a thing about that.