Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boston Bob asks Pastor Wall and Professor Burnham at Black History Month, "Are Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron closet racists?"

I got to thinking about the situation noted in yesterday's Eric Holder/Barack Obama post about the Interlocutory Appeal filed by Derrick Gillenwater against prominent Boston lawyer Jeffrey Denner et al. to get his basic Civil Rights back in his valid legal malpractice claim. You know, First Amendment Rights, the Right to blog, the right to file basic pleadings and that. So I emailed several folks, including Professor Margaret Burnham (former NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorney) and Pastor Bruce Wall (noted area Civil Rights Activist, retired 25-year Boston Juvenile Court Magistrate and possible Mayoral candidate) to get their opinions, let them know what's going on.

You might not recognize Attorney Burnham (l), but I'll bet you recognize her client, Angela Davis, the most famous (infamous to some) afro in history.

What Jeffrey Denner is doing -- by benefitting from what folks at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, through their CItizen Media Project, and I have called an Unconstitutional" decision(s) -- is tantamount to whipping a slave, or like clubbing a baby seal to death. I used to have a lot of respect for Jeffrey Denner, now a bit (read: a lot) less so.


opencourts said...

To All:

Take a look at the attached Motion I got last night.

Then take a look at the ridiculous transcript from the November 20, 2008 hearing where the Court ignored Mr. Gillenwater's lawful requests.

Then reflect back on the history of Boston as a racist community.

Mr. Gillenwater needs help, and I am going to publicly tell him and the law students he's working with to send him your way.


-Boston Bob

opencourts said...

You see, Attorney Denner never gets in trouble, even when he arguably SHOULD have been in trouble in the Oscar Atehortua case.

Abbott v. Rabe
Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2005 WL 1000258
March 03, 2005 (Approx. 10 pages)

In re Abbott
437 Mass. 384, 772 N.E.2d 543
August 01, 2002 (Approx. 10 pages)

Now the bulk of the negligence there was certainly occasioned by Attorney Abbott, but it is interesting to see in the November 20, 2008 transcript how the Court lies to Mr. Gillenwater, telling him that the Court has no authority to refer a case or attorney to the BBO.

That judge lied and he should be disciplined accordingly. It would be better if he just looked at Mr. Gillenwater and said:

"Negro get out of here, I'm not letting you harm this high-powered white attorney who is my brother way before you will ever be."

Integrity wise, I could at least respect THAT.

opencourts said...

You see,

Once you're an attorney of reasonable reputation you don't need to really know the law in order to get over on someone. I've enjoyed that privilege to some extent, but Denner is abusing it.

Recall the statements in the November 20 hearing about "copyright" and going after me?


This blog is not for commercial gain.


460 F.Supp.2d 259, 35 Media L. Rep. 1789

U.S. District Cout
D. Massachusetts.
Paul McMANN, Plaintiff,
John DOE, Defendant.
Civil Action No. 06-11825-JLT.
Oct. 31, 2006.

[24] KeyCite Citing References for this Headnote

237 Libel and Slander
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 237k9 Words Tending to Injure in Profession or Business
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Statement by unknown person that real estate developer “turned lives upside down” and suggestion to readers to “be afraid, be very afraid,” as posted on website which also contained photograph of developer and announcement that website would soon be updated with specific evidence of developer's alleged misdealings, were opinions and thus did not constitute defamation under Massachusetts law.

opencourts said...

Pastor Wall has responded to me at:

That is all I will publicly offer at this point.

-Boston Bob

Alexa said...

Jeffrey Denner is in no way a racist!! His direct family died off in Poland during the Holocaust, save 1, and he is a first generation Jewish-American who got his good reputation in Law by defending those whose civil rights were being oppressed. Get a grip jerk

opencourts said...

So you can't be a racist because you're Jewish. Talk about identity politics.


I had a very high regard for Jeffrey Denner and still do in some ways.

That doesn't make him perfect, and when he makes mistakes he needs to pay for them and he shouldn't get Judges to go along with him to the extent that they violate basic principles of fair play, Due Process, First Amendment, you know


-Boston Bob

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