Friday, February 13, 2009

Clark Rockefeller/Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter may be insane, but what is Jeffrey Denner's excuse for his treatment of Derrick Gillenwater?

Prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner -- who is busy benefitting from all measure of Unconstitutional, classist and racist rulings made to thwart Derrick Gillenwater in his valid legal malpractice case against him -- made a bold but somewhat foreseeable move today in noticing his intent to use temporary insanity as an Affirmative Defense. As noted recently, the plea arrangement fell though so this is the chance for Attorney Denner to show that he and his posse are better lawyers than they were in the Gillenwater and Oscar Atehortua cases. I wonder if Jeffrey Denner will try to take down Derrick Gillenwater's MySpace music blog that I just got where he actually has written a song where he describes the scenario in "The Mack is what they call me." It's a good song. This guy can write music that's for certain.

Anyway on "Clark", let's just say that after all, looking at this guy, I think a first year law student could establish that he's got a serious mental defect. And I mean SERIOUS.

Would you let your daughter date this guy? Only if you disowned her, and canceled your life insurance policy, he-heh. Here is today's AP Story.

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