Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clark Rockefeller/Christian Karl Gerhartsteiter goes to trial; stray critic of this blog gets straightened out on the facts.

So Clark Rockefeller/Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter will indeed have his Day in Court, which is more than Derrick Gillenwater has enjoyed.

"Attorney Jeffrey Denner said the defense team was unable to reach an agreement with prosecutors after extended negotiations. He would not say why the negotiations broke down."

[It must be rough to have negotiations break down, but then again Derrick Gillenwater would know all about that, seeing as he never got a mediator in his negotiations with Jeffrey Denner. He filed a Motion for a Mediator but that's been ignored by the Court and by Jeffrey Denner, surprise surprise, beat the baby seal some more willya.]

"Rockefeller's real name is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (GAYR'-hahrtz-ry-tur), a German national who moved to the United States in the late 1970s.

His true identity was revealed after he was accused of snatching his daughter, Reigh Boss, during a supervised visit in Boston in July. He was captured about a week later in Baltimore, and the girl was found safe.

The girl's kidnapping sparked a search from Long Island marinas to Caribbean islands. After investigators discovered his true identity, California authorities labeled Gerhartsreiter a "person of interest" in the 1985 disappearance and presumed slaying of a San Marino couple, Jonathan and Linda Sohus. Gerhartsreiter, who then went by the name Chris Chichester, was living in a guest house on their property when they disappeared.

In addition to parental kidnapping, Gerhartsreiter is charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and giving a false name to police. Authorities said he pushed a social worker who was overseeing his visit with his daughter and jumped into a waiting car. The social worker received minor injuries when he tried to grab onto the car and fell to the ground."
Meanwhile someone wrote me yesterday and clearly has the point and the intent of this blog all confused. I don't hate Jeffrey Denner, never have and never will. I just hate his actions in this case, and he's clearly taking advantage of an unfair system and Unconstitutional rulings, which does ultimately lower my perception of him as a Civil Rights lawyer and as a man.

Besides, don't complain to me, it was the folks over at Harvard Law School who also called the Courts primary (and continuing) Decisions in this case UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Read it right here at the Citizen Media Law Project. And not only that, Jeffrey Denner is hardly "defenseless." He's one of the wealthiest people in Massachusetts and he's free to post his comments on his blog or on my blog, which is one helluva lot more rights than Derrick Gillenwater has.

Here are some other issues Jeffrey Denner has had, including Derrick Gillenwater and Oscar Atehortua, and read the full conversation in the comments.


opencourts said...

Anonymous said...
I am pleased to see that you "Bob from Boston" (not to be known as BOSTON BOOB, errr I mean.. "BOSTON BOB" becuase we Bostonian's are not all like this) are able to express your bias opinions as well as your one sided stories online while leaving hard working and remarkable people like Denner unable to defend himself. Your 15 minutes of fame are almost up so SHOUT IT OUT BUDDY!

February 11, 2009 8:45 AM

opencourts said...

Calm down.

I had a very high regard for Jeffrey Denner and still do in some ways.

That doesn't make him perfect, and when he makes mistakes he needs to pay for them and he shouldn't get Judges to go along with him to the extent that they violate basic principles of fair play, Due Process, First Amendment, you know


-Boston Bob

February 11, 2009 1:15 PM

opencourts said...

PS 8:45

Attorney Denner settled with Mr. Gillenwater just as I said he would.

Just so you know.

Me: 1
You: 0


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