Friday, February 20, 2009

Hallelujah, Sweet Mother of Jesus, Derrick Gillenwater is going to get his transcript from Judge Linda Giles in Gillenwater v. Denner, 05-5469.

In the last post I wrote "I wonder what Mr. Gillenwater's next video will be, after he obtains a copy of the unlawfully-withheld transcript from Judge Linda Giles' January "Litigation Control Conference." This is a simple and basic Human Right in America, a copy of your courtroom transcript for Christ's Sake."

Well through Divine Intervention or something -- perhaps a couple of well-placed phone calls from me to the Court Administration director today -- I hear that Mr. Gillenwater is now scheduled to receive the transcript next week. Let's hope it's not Friday at 4:59 p.m. I also wrote to my mailing list and told them I am about to start taking a much more proactive approach to this case, and the information contained on this blog will be appearing in places that the Defendants fear the most.

Key passages will include the heated exchange between Mr. Gillenwater and Judge Giles when she allegedly berates him about what a Summary Judgment is (he seems to know damn well what it is) then allegedly tells him he has to ask another judge for permission to get her transcript, then allegedly tells him the other judges are under no duty to respond to his requests for basic First Amendment Fundamental Rights to file pleadings.

From what I hear -- but which will not be registered on the record -- there was an awesome collective gasp from the courtroom when Mr. Gillenwater respectfully asked for the transcript.

"What do you want that for?"
Judge Giles eventually stammered.

Well now she knows.


Anonymous said...

Can you show us a copy of that transcript?

opencourts said...


Not yet, because I don't have it. There is always a bit of lag time between when Mr. Gillenwater makes a move with the law students and when or if I get something.

I did get a copy of the last transcript, of course, the ridiculous one with Judge Spurlock, but I have not received any of the liner notes that I've heard about.

I would hope that I would receive a copy of the transcript because I really don't feel like showing my familiar face to the Court Clerk to order it myself. That would detract from the case and the situation. You can call me a coward on that, but at least I've done more for Mr. Gillenwater than 99% of the people out there who could and should help him.

-Boston Bob

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