Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maybe Project Hip Hop will understand why Derrick Gillenwater cannot even respond to Jeffrey Denner's Motion for Summary Judgment: He's not allowed!

Think about this: Derrick Gillenwater, as clearly seen in yesterday's post with Attorney James S. Dilday and the relevant transcript pages from Mr. Gillenwater's legal malpractice case against prominent, wealthy and white Boston "Civil Rights" Attorney Jeffrey Denner, is still not permitted to file anything in court. This is so, even though there is no finding that he ever filed anything frivolous.

When he did properly file for permission to file, it was ignored. He can't blog, he can't file, he can't do anything but get beat down. And he can't adequately respond to Denner's Motion without his discovery regarding other cases in which Denner was involved, such as the Oscar Atehortua scandal BD 2001-045 where Denner's buddy lost his license (suspension) for 2+ years. Folks, you can't get any more obvious than that. What a joke. What a crying shame, the shame of Boston it is.

Here is the Project Hip Hop website.

Here are links to Plaintiff Gillenwater's Music Page, with an activist video about this situation.

Here are Derrick Gillenwater's phenomenal liner notes.