Friday, February 13, 2009

Jeffrey Denner might have a better chance of shutting down this blog if I called him a lying, whoring skank like Liskula Gentile Cohen.

Now I'm not actually saying that Liskula Cohen (or Jeffrey Denner) is indeed a skank or a ho, but as I understand it her lawsuit against an anonymous blogger is on very thin ground, in fact because she has apparently referred to herself "ho" on the friendster social network. Here's the girl in short shorts blog entry, and here is the Citizen Media Law Project blog entry (out of Harvard Law's Berkman Center) and analysis.

Anyway, I like the Citizen Media blog folks because they know what the hell they are talking about, and they know that the decisions that have been handed down against Derrick Gillenwater in his case against Jeffrey Denner are Unconstitutional, as noted in this entry. Again, the courts have protected powerful Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner by not allowing Mr. Gillenwater to publicly speak, blog about, or to file any motions whatsoever in his legally valid claim of legal malpractice against Denner. These are basic, inalienable First Amendment and Human Rights that must be protected in a free society. There has been no finding of fact or law that Mr. Gillenwater has issued any frivolous pleadings so there is no basis for the Court to issue such a broad-sweeping First Amendment Prior Restraint against him.

Then, sadly, Judge Linda Giles affirmed those orders but refused to put it in writing, and even told Plaintiff Gillenwater he had to seek permission from some previous Judges in order to get a copy of the transcript from her courtroom, in which she also showed her bias against Mr. Gillenwater by stating that she didn't think his case had merit so he shouldn't worry about filing his Motion for Summary Judgment. The problem with that (well at least ONE of the problems) is that the burdens of proof for successful post conviction relief and legal malpractice are the same in Massachusetts. But not content to stop there, she then granted the wealthy and high-powered Defendants an extension of time in which to file their Motion for Summary Judgment, and she ignored Mr. Gillenwater's request for Mediation, made after the Defendants called him into a back-room session and tried to make him agree to a low-buck settlement with no licensed mediator present.

That's why Mr. Gillenwater should file a Motion to have Judge Giles recuse herself for unlawful bias.

And that's why I have it on Good Faith that Mr. Gillenwater will be appearing before the Full Panel of the Court of Appeals, given this protectionist mealy-mouthed Mickey Mouse Order the single Justice issued last week.

Jeffrey Denner is not a ho, nor is he a racist, but as a so-called Civil Rights Attorney he sure is pimping Derrick Gillenwater, benefitting from some patently Unconstitutional rulings and it has got to stop.

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