Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pack your bags and strap yourself on in, Jeffrey Denner: You and Derrick Gillenwater are taking a trip to Asia.

First off, there is an interesting comment at the good old boy network post showing the lame Court of Appeals Order that intentionally did not mention Mr. Gillenwater's First Amendment or Fundamental Rights claims.

Next, here's where you can experience a YouTube music video that addresses Derrick Gillenwater being hosed by the court system and his former lawyer, Jeffrey Denner.

Now then, I told you in a post just the other day that I was about to start taking a more proactive approach in this matter. Well I made my first move last night, and in the next week or so we can expect that people all over the Asian Continent will hear about the First Amendment/Fundamental Rights deprivations suffered by Derrick Gillenwater at the hands of wealthy white people like his former lawyer and the current legal system in Boston.

Then people in Asia -- and I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE IN ASIA will really see how American Justice operates. I'm not going to tell you who or what it is, but it's major. Anyway, take a look at the injustice. Want more? You got it:


Anonymous said...


Get the trash man

opencourts said...


That's the spirit.

Funny how it was Harvard Law School's "Citizen Media Law Project" that said Mr. Gillenwater was the victim of Unconstitutional court activity, considering that Jeffrey Denner is a Harvard grad ('73) himself!

Take a look.

Note also that he's only got a 7.7/10 rating, nothing special there.

Time for Mr. Gillenwater to offer his commentary on that website, I think.

-Boston Bob.

Anonymous said...

jeffrey said~

Prison has made Derrick a REAL BITCH. The girls' in the office want to know if derk wears PUSH UP BRAS and PANTIES now. They would love to send her a few pairs.

Please ask Derrick to respond.

Panties are for Mr. Gillmister. HA HA HA

opencourts said...

Dear 9:09

Your misogynist comment is not well-taken.

If asking for your basic Civil Rights makes you an [expletive deleted], then I'm certain that Mr. Gillenwater has no problem being that.

What's your excuse?