Monday, February 2, 2009

Jeffrey Denner's client, Clark Rockefeller/Karl Gerhartsreiter is one unhappy fella'.

Back story: I posted about Jeffrey Denner and Clark Rockefeller/Karl Gerhartsreiter a couple of weeks ago in an entry entitled:
"Will Clark Rockefeller/Karl Gerhartsreiter be comfortable with Jeffrey Denner as counsel now that he knows of Oscar Atehortua & Derrick Gillenwater?"

Well by the terms of this potential plea agreement it looks like they pretty much had The Goods on ol' Karl, I would hate to think that Attorney Denner or any of his friends or associates was engaged in any negligent representation as has been the case in the past, in my opinion. Not to mention the related opinion from the BBO in the Oscar Atehortua case.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? He's thrilled... the newspaper read " Rockerfeller Hires Legal Dreamteam!" No one reads your idiot blog, the only reason I got it is because I am doing a research project in which I had to dig deep in the internet to find it... better luck next time buddy but you're not gettting anything except some serious karma comming to you

Anonymous said...

Again, stop the Bro-mance with Denner. You are spending your life STALKING Denner. You are not qualified to judge this man, Denner. You have no right or privlege to write about and profit on his wins or losses with regard to his occupation. YOU ARE WRONG. It is YOU who is pimping Gillenwater. Gillenwater...WAKE UP...Boston Bob has a SELF-SERVING AGENDA and it is not to help you. GILLENWATER, BOSTON BOB IS USING YOU. STOP HIM.